Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Books.

I guess I didn't realize how long it has been since I wrote anything.  That's what happens when I allow the busy-ness of the world to get in my way.  The world not only gets in the way of this wanna-be blogger, it gets in the way of all of us.  It gets in the way of our most important relationships.  When work, volunteerism, and being entertained (if you could call it that) take precedence over time with God and time with our loved ones, it's time to reasses our values.

A far wiser pastor than I once said: "If you want to know what matters to you, look at two books; your date book and your check book."  In spite of what you may say or think is important to  you, a look at these two books will tell you what trykt important; important enought that you give it your time and money.  It can be a shock when you look at how much time and money you spend on things you claim are not important to you.

So now that I've looked, what do I do?  I know it's a nasty word, but change.  Rewrite your date book to include time with God, time with family, time with friends.  Readjust your budget so that you are spending your money where you really want to--even if it means cooking at home andd net-flixing instead of dinner and a movie.  Don't leave the cook in your family alone in the kitchen while you update your Facebook status, check email, or read my blog--go to the kitchen and talk about your day.  Cut up some carrots, take the dishes out of the dishwasher and put them away, turn of the boob-tube and spend the time together.   Instead of golf with the guys every Saturday, take a Saturday explore. Together, go somewhere you've never really got to know, and just walk around.  My wife and I spent a whole day in downtown Eugene this past month--we found shops, restauraunts, and public art we never knew existed.  It was a marvelous time together.

Read you datebook, read your checkbook, concentrate on what's really important and enjoy the life God has given you.

Chaplain Dann

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  1. Oh Dann,
    How true! And how frightening it is to take a hard look at where our time and money really go.

    Thanks for sharing.

    God bless,