Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sound of Sound

It's been about a week since I received my hearing aids and I am still rejoicing in the many and manifold sounds of sound.  It's strange how, as our hearing or sight decline we don't realize it until we do something about it.  Like new glasses let us see things we hadn't seen for a long time, I am still hearing sounds I haven't heard for so long I'd forgotted what they sounded like:  the neighbor's wind chime, the creek behind my house babbling, the high range of music, the laughter of children playing in the park, the church bells of churches that aren't next door.  Noise is beautiful.  And while some may find it annoying, I even enjoy the noise of little children in public places.

Of course there are also times when I don't particularly want to hear what's going on--so it's also nice to be able to tune out the world and concentrate on what I want to concentrate on.  When my wife is watching a TV show I don't care about, for example, or when the people in the next booth are engaged in a profanity contest.  There are times when being hearing impaired is a blessing.  But all in all, hearing is the bigger blessing.  How many times did Jesus tell us to "listen up!"  "Listen, then, if you have ears."  "Pay attention to what I say." 

Modern hearing aids are a wonder.  They are small, discreet, effective and not uncomfortable.  At least that's true of mine.  I rejoice in the wonder of learning how to  hear all over again.  God is so good!

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  1. Dann,

    That was great. And so very true! I notice more and more that I'm "missing" things people say and Rob certainly is....

    This world is such a wonderful place! So full of sounds and wonder. What a privilage it is to be alive!

    So glad you are among the "hearing" again:)

    God Bless,